Welcome to Volto!

The React powered content management system

Volto is a React-based frontend for content management systems, currently supporting three backend implementations: Plone, Guillotina and a NodeJS reference implementation.

Plone is a CMS built on Python with over 21 years of experience. Plone has very interesting features that appeal to developers and users alike, such as customizable content types, hierarchical URL object traversing and a sophisticated content workflow powered by a granular permissions model. This allows you to build anything from simple websites to enterprise-grade intranets. Volto exposes all these features and communicates with Plone via its mature REST API. Volto can be easily themed and is highly customizable.

Volto also supports other APIs like Guillotina, a Python resource management system, inspired by Plone and using the same basic concepts like traversal, content types, and permissions model.


You can use this site to test Volto. It runs on the master branch of Volto using latest Plone 5.2 Backend running on Python 3.

You can log in and use it as admin user using these credentials:

user: admin

password: admin

Disclaimer: This instance is reset every night, so all changes will be lost afterwards.

Happy hacking!

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